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24 May 2018
Public Program | Mark Beasley

New York and Washington DC based British curator Mark Beasley will foreground his recent curatorial work in the field of media, performance and music. Mark Beasley's talk will be moderated by Dr Daniel Mudie Cunningham


17 May 2018
Emma Finneran | Personal Space

Camouflage is an act of disguise and secrecy, a swallowing of the whole person/thing into obscurity. Emma’s paintings skim on an edge of concealment – what line is hers and what line was already there?


16 Mar 2018
21st Biennale of Sydney | SUPERPOSITION: Equilibrium & Engagment

SUPERPOSITION: Equilibrium & Engagement will examine the theory of ‘superposition’ by investigating how it might operate in the world today. The exhibition at Artspace, Sydney will feature exceptional new projects by: Ai Weiwei, Michaël Borremans, Tiffany Chung, Tanya Goel and Geng Xue