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04 May 2017
Relay League | Angelica Mesiti

In this new commission created specifically for Artspace, Angelica Mesiti presents a three-channel video installation and sound sculpture titled 'Relay League'. The work takes as its departure point a Morse code message transmitted by the French Navy on 31 January 1997 to signal the imminent demise of this communication method.


23 Jun 2017
Julia Robinson | Long Ballads

Long Ballads explores themes of fecundity, ritual and the cycle of the seasons. Collectively the work takes its cues from a range of rituals that affirm life and ward off death, many of which are still performed in England and across Europe today. These performances involve elaborate costumed characters and are boisterous, bawdy and aggressive, frequently invoking the phallus as a symbol of virility.


13 Oct 2017
VOLUME 2017 | Another Art Book Fair

VOLUME 2017 | Another Art Book Fair will be presented from 13 – 15 October at Artspace, Sydney, in partnership with Perimeter Books, Melbourne and Printed Matter, Inc., New York