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Public Program

26 Aug 2019
Cultural Mediation in Practice

What is ‘cultural mediation’ and how will it help you to connect with your audiences in a personalised and in depth way? Join us for an informative day of talks and practical activities to explore cultural mediation, presented by Artspace in partnership with Museum and Galleries of NSW


22 Aug 2019
Centre of the Centre | Mel O'Callaghan

In this major new commission created for Artspace, Mel O'Callaghan presents an exhibition that traces the origins of life and its regenerative forces, iterated through video, performance and sculpture.

Ideas Platform

21 Aug 2019
Belem Lett | Grotto

Belem Lett's 'Grotto' draws from multiple histories of decoration, pattern and gestural abstraction to present an environment with an internal, private logic.