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Public Program

30 Oct 2019
Public Program | Wonseok Koh

Join us for a free public talk with Wonseok Koh, Chief Curator and Head of Exhibition Division at Seoul Museum of Art, South Korea, as he discusses past projects and highlights from throughout his career.

Ideas Platform

03 Oct 2019
Michele Barker + Anna Munster | all the time in the world

Using extremely slow underwater cinematography, the installation all the time in the world considers lived time at its extreme, exploring our relationship to water that is both terrifying and compelling. How does time slow down as breathing changes?


22 Aug 2019
Centre of the Centre | Mel O'Callaghan

In this major new commission created for Artspace, Mel O'Callaghan presents an exhibition that traces the origins of life and its regenerative forces, iterated through video, performance and sculpture.