Lauren Brincat

2019 One Year Studio Artist Lauren Brincat in her Artspace Studio. Photo Jessica Maurer

Lauren Brincat. Photo: Eleanor Ackland

About Lauren Brincat

Lauren Brincat is an artist who works across diverse media from video and performance to sculpture and installation. Brincat employs moving images and soundtracks to probe historical ruptures and failures of language. Using a variety of platforms – video installation, sculpture, performance and walking scores – her work explores non-verbal modes of expression through narratives or ideas. By distancing us from a logical, direct, language-based understanding, her work opens the door to multiple perspectives and interpretations.

Brincat’s videos often portray the artist undertaking performances in relative solitude. In these works, she pushes her physical and cognitive limits following rule-based actions. The artist is known for a series of ‘walking pieces’ occurring in vastly different contexts, from empty fields, to busy urban cities, and the ocean.The artist’s video works take the form of documented and often repetitive actions. Collaboration is an important part of Brincat's practice involving shared projects with percussionists, architects, scientists, choreographers, equestrian riders and indigenous horse whisperers. Her sculptural pieces sit alone and alongside the video works often giving the moving image a tactile presence.

Her recent work is sculptural, working with textiles to create malleable forms that can be activated by participants. Brincat’s latest work is also further engaged with politics and history, taking the form of blank banners and creating sculptures out of sailcloth, invoking the sea and borders.

Brincat has lived and researched in Mexico City, Berlin, Tokyo, Paris, Stockholm, New York and assisted artist Johanna Billing in Europe and was mentored by Yoshua Okon and Cuauhtemoc Medina in Mexico City.

Lauren Brincat, 'Walk In Traffic', Mexico City, 2013, performance documentation, courtesy the artist. Photo: Aline Hernandez

Lauren Brincat, 'Blood And Fire', 2013, performance documentation, Art Gallery of New South Whales, Sydney, courtesy the artist. Photo: Francesca Ford

Lauren Brincat, 'Mexican Standoff ', Mexico City, 2013, performance documentation, courtesy the artist. Photo: Rafael Ortega

Lauren Brincat, 'Salt Lines: Play It As It Sounds', 2016, Carriageworks, Sydney, courtesy the artist. Photo: Shauna Greyerbiehl