Jelena Telecki 

2019 One Year Studio Artist Jelena Telecki in her Artspace Studio. Photo Jessica Maurer

Jelena Telecki, supplied

About Jelena Telecki 

Jelena Telecki is interested in representation in painting and sculpture. Installation plays an important part in creating a dialogue between painting and sculpture and is used as a means of articulating her sense of personal and shared narratives, internal and the external.

Jelena has recently been a finalist in the 2018 John Fries Award (curated by Consuelo Cavaniglia), and has exhibited in Australia, UK and Japan. She has been awarded several scholarships and grants, including the University of Sydney Postgraduate Award 2008-2009; and the Australia Council for the Arts grant for the development of new work, 2010. In 2014, her work was exhibited in NEW14 (curated by Kyla McFarlane), Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne.


Jelena Telecki, 'Somewheres Nowheres', 2018, installation view, John Fries Award, UNSW Art & Design, 2018, courtesy the artist

Jelena Telecki, 'Dead Painter', 2016, detail, courtesy the artist. Photo: Amanda Williams

Jelena Telecki, 'Moisture (Thank you Hardy Fox)', 2018, courtesy the artist

Jelena Telecki, 'Dead Painter 3', 2018, courtesy the artist

Jelena Telecki, 'Funnel of Love', 2016, installation view, Station Gallery, Melbourne, 2016, courtesy the artist

Jelena Telecki, 'Dead Painter 2 (Melancholia in 2017)', 2017, courtesy the artist