Angela Goh Scum Ballet

Performance | Angela Goh
When | Saturday 27 October, 2pm 
Location | Artspace, Ground Floor

Part of THE PUBLIC BODY .03 Exhibition
31 August – 28 October
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Angela Goh, 'Scum Ballet', 2017, live performance, originally commissioned by Campbelltown Arts Centre, courtesy the artist. Photo: Catherine McElhone


Scum Ballet is a patchwork of power, desire, violence and tenderness. The female body has always been sympathetic to secrets, magic, transformation and cruelty, and gatherings of females have always produced fear and mystery, or the fear of mystery.

Scum Ballet is a choreography for five dancers. More than a lone wolf, but not quite a mass, five is a gang, and gangs make their own rules. Scum Ballet slows time, but with an accelerationist attitude, not in order to produce new futures, but instead to assemble a multiplicity of fantasies.

In Scum Ballet, fantasy is the weapon, the body is the ammunition, and the target is forever transforming.

Performers: Angela Goh, Eugene Choi, Ellen Davies, Verity Mackey and Ivey Wawn