Pedagogical Experiments with Remy Low

Listening to the worlds of others

When | Friday 27 July, 4–5pm
Where | 
Artspace gallery

A guided exercise in deep listening to the different dimensions of our own lives and those of others.

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Image: Dr Remy Low, supplied

Image: Dr Remy Low, supplied


Join us for this free public program facilitated by Dr Remy Low and students from Sydney University’s School of Education and Social Work as part of a series of ‘pedagogical experiments’ drawing on sustained introspection to deepen our awareness of ourselves and our relationships to others in the world.

The public program is a component of Common Knowledge and Learning Curves, the first Australian institutional solo exhibition by Keg de Souza, and stems from the artist’s ongoing interest in the ways we teach and learn. The exhibition seeks to break down hierarchies in typical knowledge exchange, exploring radical pedagogy and its tenets including democratic dialogue, lived experience, inquiry learning, solidarity and unlearning.