Performance | 'The Shape of Things To Come', Shelley Lasica

Performance | 'The Shape of Things To Come', Shelley Lasica
 | Thursday 6 April, from 5pm
Location | Artspace, ground floor galleries

Shelley Lasica, 'The Shape of Things To Come', performance view, Superposition of three types, Artspace, Sydney. Photo: Jessica Maurer



Shelley Lasica presents a series of solo performances that describe ideas of working as an ensemble, imagining theoretical protagonists, proposed spaces and a specious unity. The vibration and saturation of this imagined structure results in the tension between form and instability, implicating change.


Over the past 25 years, Lasica has choreographed, directed and performed dance works. She has shown work throughout Australia and in cities including London, Manchester, Paris, Vienna and New York. Lasica has a rigorous commitment to the choreographic development of her work, hence the collaborations with peers, a serious engagement with other art forms, lengthy and intense development periods of works, the various contexts in which works are shown and the various ways in which spaces are occupied.


Costume: Belinda Hellier