GreenUps: Artist Talks and 'Containment' Film Screening

GreenUps: Artist Talks and 'Containment' Film Screening
| $10 (all proceeds go to GreenUps)
When | Tuesday 2 February, 6pm – late
Location | Artspace, Ground Floor

Mikala Dwyer, 'The hanging garden of moonman marigolds', 2016, installation view, 'Dämmerschlaf', Artspace, Sydney. Courtesy the artist, Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery and Anna Schwartz Gallery. Photo: Artspace


On Tuesday 2 February, Artspace will host GreenUps, a monthly night that connects people across a range of sectors who share a passion for the environment and sustainability. Current artist talks will be accompanied by cocktails made with native produce courtesy of Trolley’d


The night also includes a screening of the film, Containment (2015). Directed by Peter Galison and Robb Moss, Containment was filmed in weapons plants, at Fukushima and deep underground where a hundred million gallons of radioactive sludge remains from the Cold War. Governments around the world, desperate to protect future generations, have begun imagining society 10,000 years from now in order to create a universal warning system that will speak across time. Containment weaves between an uneasy present and an imaginative, troubled far future, exploring the idea that over millennia, nothing stays put.