Curator, Collaborator or Producer? with Frankie Su

Curator, Collaborator or Producer? with Frankie Su
When | Wednesday 11 June, 6:30pm
Location | Artspace, Level 2, Seminar Room


Taipei-based curator Frankie Su will reflect upon the shifting scenarios within which curatorial practice now operates, oscillating between the private and public realms as well as institutional and independent frameworks. Shifts in the infrastructural and economic models focussed on the creation and presentation of contemporary art is incubating more amorphic and fluid traversions in relation to the role of the curator and the sites within which curatorial practice now operates. Su’s practice is an exemplar of these expanding modalities, as Director of the privately-funded Hong Gah Art Museum, an executive board member of the first not-for-profit art centre in Taiwan, Taipei Contemporary Art Center and as a producer for and collaborator with the collective LuxuryLogico. In her presentation, Su will discuss these different trajectories and the potentialities emerging out of these expanding modes with particular reference to the increasingly dynamic artistic context of Taiwan. 

Frankie Su has been Director of Hong Gah Art Museum, Taipei, since 2013. Prior to taking up this position Su worked in a range of curatorial roles for organisations including the Museum of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing; Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing; and Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei. In tandem with these institutional situations Su has curated numerous independent projects and written extensively on contemporary practices in Taiwan and China. She is an executive board member of Taipei Contemporary Art Centre, an initiative founded by artist Jun Yang in 2008.

Jun-Jieh Wang, 'Sin City 00:00:00:00 ', 2014, installation view at Taipei National University of the Arts