Artist Discussion | The Rules of the Game




Artist Discussion | The Rules of the Game
When | Friday 24 April, 3pm
Location | Artspace, Level 2, Seminar Room


Exhibiting artists Alicia Frankovich, Shane Haseman and Laresa Kosloff are joined by Artspace Curator Reuben Keehan for a public conversation on the use of play tactics in art, raising a series of questions in relation to their gallery projects. Might we consider, for example, the selection of sensory registers and staging of a work to function as the construction of rules for a game involving an audience? How might the physical and cognitive implication of the viewer correspond to performative aspects presented within the specific frame of reference of a given work? Can playfulness also be discerned in a work’s relationship to certain art-historical moments and developments within the wider aesthetic sphere—culture at large—and might such developments, in entertainment and sport, but also politics, law and even war, be themselves understood under the terms of play?

Shane Haseman, 'Sympathy for the Devil', installation view, Artspace, Sydney, 2009