As we expand and diversify our artistic program, there is enormous scope for Artspace to develop public programs that engage with contemporary issues and new audiences. Central to this strategy is leveraging our professional networks and creating linkages with the ideas and discourses that form the various touch-points across our artistic program.


There will be a focus on public talks, workshops, performance, film, open studios and book clubs. Recent examples of these successful public talks branded as ‘Artspace Conversations’ are Dr. Claire Bishop (art historian, theorist) on ‘Dance in the Museum’, Casey Legler (artist, female-to-male model and activist) with ‘Bodies on the Line’ and Max Schumann (Acting Executive Director, Printed Matter Inc) speaking about the ‘Art Historical Context for Artist’s Books’, which attracted a combined audience of more than 600 people.  

Current & Upcoming Public Programs

Public Program Archive

08 Sep - 08 Sep 2017

The Artists' Party

29 Jul - 29 Jul 2017

Artist Talks | THE PUBLIC BODY .02

10 Jun - 10 Jun 2017

Public Program | The Time Salon

15 Mar - 15 Mar 2017

Performance | Mark Titmarsh

15 Mar - 15 Mar 2017

Public Talk | François Quintin