Marco Fusinato, Callum Morton & Mutlu Çerkez

Exhibition Dates
3 - 26 November 2005

This is the first collaborative project by Mutlu Çerkez, Marco Fusinato and Callum Morton.


I have been thinking about rock throwing, delinquency, destructiveness as a positive, cameras as documentary weapons, the violence of art writing, the way all available time is turned into work, policing, groups and power, difficulty, art as event preceding thought and its relationship to conservatism (it sounds very serious all listed like that but it isn't heavy); so all these things and some more I am forgetting right now feature in what I have done so far which is in no fit state to be seen by anyone sorry. But when I have something resembling a draft I can show yous? It's important that we all like it. And it's funny writing about people's work I have never met - I don't think I have done that before.


Anyway, let me know what you think. I will be at home this weekend and monday too...

Marco Fusinato, Callum Morton & Mutlu Çerkez, 'Avalon', 2005, video still. Courtesy of the artists, Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney, and Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne.