Artspace develops its exhibition program through a collaborative ‘curatorium’ process and prides itself on working closely with artists. Artists drive what we do. Artspace understands that the best exhibitions are developed through a durational process that evolves over time, enabling responsive and reciprocal relationships with artists. 


Over the next three years, Artspace’s exhibition program will focus on cross-generational, interdisciplinary, culturally diverse and socially and critically-engaged art. 

Current & Upcoming Exhibitions


22 Aug - 27 Oct 2019
Centre of the Centre | Mel O'Callaghan

In this major new commission created for Artspace, Mel O'Callaghan presents an exhibition that traces the origins of life and its regenerative forces, iterated through video, performance and sculpture.

Exhibition Archive

17 May - 04 Aug 2019


17 May - 04 Aug 2019

52 ARTISTS 52 ACTIONS | Mike Parr

18 Jan - 28 Apr 2019

Just Not Australian