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About our Programs

Artspace ensures artistic and cultural vibrancy through its multi-faceted approach to programming, with the core focus of supporting living artists across generational and disciplinary boundaries. Our expanded artistic program positions us as a leading interdisciplinary organisation connecting Australian artistic practices and debates with what is happening in the world right now. Artspace’s vision is to promote investment in living artists, across generations, working in expanded and experimental forms, so that Australian artists, writers, curators and producers can be programmed in direct dialogue with their international peers. Artspace’s program enables ideas to germinate and grow, extending the definition of what art is and what it can become. 


Artspace is a hub for the production and presentation of visual arts in an expanded field. Artspace champions artistic forms and ideas that advance culture in Australia. Artspace understands that artists do not work in isolation and exhibitions are not simply the endpoint of an invisible creative process. Artspace does more than simply host exhibitions and public programs. Artspace leads through collaboration, facilitation and negotiation. To this end, Artspace’s programming is integrated across its exhibition, studio, public programs and publishing platforms. Above all else, Artspace creates opportunities for artists to test their ideas and approaches, and for audiences to engage with artistic forms, ideas and dialogues.  

At A Glance

07 Apr 2017
Jasmin Stephens | Our Studio Selves

Curated by Jasmin Stephens, 'Our Studio Selves' presents ideas about the changing role of the artist studio

At A Glance

06 Apr 2017
Final Performance | 'The Shape of Things To Come', Shelley Lasica

Shelley Lasica presents a series of solo performances that describe ideas of working as an ensemble, imagining theoretical protagonists, proposed spaces and a specious unity.

At A Glance

06 Apr 2017
Public Talk | Biennale Archive Stories #2

The second chapter in our investigation into the Biennale’s Archive brings together four witnesses and protagonists to tell stories spanning 1979 to 2014. Approaching its 21st edition and 45th year, the Biennale considers its role over time, both in Sydney and the region. What can we learn from its achievements and controversies? What is its relevance today?