Pari (River) 

Murray River cod seasoned with river mint and sea parsley on a bed of blanched warrigal greens and bulrush stem dressed with river mint duck egg mayo with Australian lime on maramurdumurdu (wholemeal wheat flatbread).


  • Perch or Murray River cod 2 large fillets  
  • Warrigal greens 1 cup  
  • Bulrush stem 4 stems  
  • Desert lime qty 2 limes  
  • Finger lime qty 2 limes  
  • Egg mayo 4 tbsp  
  • River mint 7 leaves   
  • Sea parsley 1 tsp  
  • Murray River salt 1/2 tsp  
  • Mountain pepper 1/2tsp  
  • Macadamia oil 1 tbsp  
  • Maramurdumurdu qty 4  


  • Kampa kurru  (saucepan)  
  • kurru  (bowl)  
  • Tadli tadli (frying pan)  
  • Pakipakiti (knife)   
  • Tarayle (chopping board)  
  • Karnkarnkati (spoon)  


Serves 2 people 


  1. Premake the maramurdumurdu before making the filling (recipe above). You can make the maramurdumurdu 1 or 2 days before but it is always nicer fresh and warm.   

  2. Premake the mayonnaise dressing. In a bowl mix 4 tablespoons of whole egg mayonnaise, 2 diced river mint leaves, the pulp of 2 finger limes and the juice of 1 desert lime. Mix the contents together well. Add extra lime or mint to taste. The desert lime can be substituted with any Australian limes, non-indigenous limes or lemon juice.   


  1. Prepare the warrigal greens by picking the soft leaves and removing the hard, woody stems. To prepare the bulrush stem only use the soft white part of the stem and remove any of the tough stringy greens parts.  

  2. Blanch the warrigal green and the bulrush stem in boiling hot water for 20 to 30 seconds. Remove the river vegetables from the boiling water with a strainer or a fork and place in ice cold water for one to two minutes. Blanching the vegetable leaves will make them turn bright green and it will remove a slight irritant. It is okay to under blanch the vegetables but don’t over blanch them because they become soft and soggy.  

  3. Drain the river vegetable leaves to remove the water.  

  4. Cut the fish fillets into 4 small pieces. Finely dice the fresh sea parsley and 4 small leaves of the river mint. Coat the fish fillets with the sea parsley and river mint.   

  5. Heat a splash of macadamia oil in a frying pan until hot and place the small fillets of fish in the pan. Cook the fish until it is golden brown on each side and the fillets are cooked through.  

  6. Finally to serve. take a warm maramurdumurdu and fill it with the blanched river vegetables and the fillets of fish. Top the fish with the mayonnaise dressing and garnish with a river mint leaves. Add some lime juice or some salt to taste. Enjoy!