Open Mic Night

When | Sunday 21 July, 6pm 
Where | Artspace 

Call out for artists, writers, poets, musicians and anyone who would like a platform to participate in an Open Mic Night facilitated by artist Ashmina Ranjit (Nepal) as part of the 52 ARTISTS 52 ACTIONS symposium.

“Collaborative artivism brings out the intersections among individual artists and their communities. At the meeting places, at the edge of self and other, we have the opportunity to blur boundaries or to highlight what makes us different. We take steps out of our comfort zones and invite others to sense the world as we do. This is where our creativity happens.”

- Ashmina Ranjit

Click here to apply


For any inquiries, please contact Elyse Goldfinch

Ashmina Ranjit for 52 ARTISTS 52 ACTIONS, August, 2018, courtesy the artist