'the thing that feels' opening at Galerie pompom, curated by Artspace's Talia Linz

Giacomo Carmagnola, Alan Constable, Alison S.M Kobayashi, Kyle Montgomery, Kenny Pittock, Patrick Pound, Tobias Yves Zintel


Exhibition Dates
18 November - 6 December 2015

Exhibition Opening
Wednesday, 18 November, 6pm



Mario Perniola writes that feeling marks the boundary between the living and the thing. How might we comprehend, then, the curious mode of being of the inorganic? Beyond our desire for objects and the meanings they make, is it possible that they have desires of their own? the thing that feels draws together disparate practices that deploy objects in various forms as ciphers for communication. Given over to the inanimate, artworks explore often language-less, embodied forms of expression, revealing personal mythologies both real and imagined – from Tobias Yves Zintel’s protagonist, who is compulsively occupied with the pig and its representation, to the material and linguistic play in the work of Patrick Pound, and the found objects that fuel the character assemblages concocted by Alison M. Kobayashi. Here obsessiveness is both a mode of production – a way of dealing with an object and its symbolism: thoroughly, endlessly, mysteriously, intimately – and a communication strategy challenging notions of value and genealogies of use.

Patrick Pound, 'Museum of Holes', 2015, mixed-media installation (detail), courtesy the artist and Stills Gallery, Sydney.