Artist Talk | Jalal Toufic



Artist Talk | Jalal Toufic
When | Thursday 21 September, 6:15pm – 8:15pm
Location | Artspace, Level 2, Seminar Room


A free lecture by the renowned Lebanese writer, film theorist, and artist Jalal Toufic.


The son of an Iraqi father and Palestinian mother, Jalal Toufic’s work has undeniable political overtones but also offers humorous and philosophical reflections. His topics range from insomnia in Phantom Beirut: A Tribute to Ghassan Salhab (2002), memory and martyrdom in The Lamentations Series: The Ninth Night and Day (2005), the dead and undead in The Sleep of Reason: This Blood Spilled in My Veins (2002), and the architecture of decay in A Video in Red and Green (1995).


“Toufic is one of the most active and ambitious figures in the Arab world who — book by book — has endeavored to sculpt a critical, theoretical language of the Arab world.” The Daily Star Lebanon, 2004.


The lecture will be accompanied by a screening of Toufic’s film Saving Face, 2003 (8 mins).