Fearless Fat


  • One third of the world's population is fat.
  • Fat people deserve basic human rights. 
  • Fat people are discriminated against. 
  • Fat is not ‘fault’. 
  • Fat is not a choice. 
  • If it was, nobody would be fat. 
  • Even if it was a choice, fat people would still deserve basic human rights. 
  • Studies show that verbal abuse does not result in weight-loss. 
  • Studies show that systemic bigotry results in weight-gain. 
  • There are dozens of medical problems and medications that result in weight-gain and inability to lose weight. 
  • Studies show that doctors are systemically biased against fat patients. 
  • Most doctors medically neglect fat people. 
  • Many doctors favour stomach mutilation surgery that has a high death toll in the few years after recovery. 
  • Many patients are denied necessary surgeries unless they submit to unnecessary stomach mutilation surgery first. 
  • Fat activism is not about beauty. 
  • Fat acceptance is about liberation from bigotry. 
  • Fat rights are about fighting for basic human rights for fat people. 
  • Fat acceptance benefits thin people too. 
  • Liberation from diet culture means a safer world for all bodies. 
  • Diet culture causes eating disorders in people of all body sizes. 
  • Diet culture starts showing up in young minds as early as THREE YEARS OLD. 
  • Eating disorders are THE deadliest psychiatric disorder. 
  • Fat people get anorexia too. 
  • Fat people are systemically excluded from receiving anorexia treatment. 
  • Dieting is a socially accepted form of starvation/anorexia. 
  • Starvation causes the body to hoard fat. 
  • Therefore, dieting causes weight-gain. 
  • Diets DO NOT WORK. 
  • Repeated life-long dieting/starvation/weight-loss results in repeated life-long weight-gain.
  • People who diet more, gain more weight. 
  • All of the studies conducted by independent science make this claim.
  • The only studies that don't are paid for by billion-dollar diet industry companies.
  • The diet industry earned $71 BILLION in 2020 alone. 
  • If diets worked those billions would not be earned year in, year out.
  • Big Diet earns Big Profits from Big Bullshit and Fat Bigotry. 

  1. Examine your bigotries.
  2. Question why you hate fat and fat people?
  3. Ask who benefits from that hatred? 
  4. Question who instilled that hatred within you?
  5. Stop treating fat people like the enemy.
  6. We are your allies. Join us and fight the real enemy. 
  7. Fight the patriarchy. Fight capitalism. Fight the system. Fight fat hatred. Destroy Big Diet. 
  8. Fat Acceptance is Punk As Fuck. Be Punk As Fuck. Be nice to fat people. 
  9. Speak up against Fat Bigotry in every post, tweet, website, book, magazine, TV show, movie and conversation. 
  10. Make it safe to be Fearlessly Fat. 

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Image: M. Sunflower, Fearless Fat, 2020, instax digital scan, 59.4 x 42 mm. Courtesy the artist