Searching for rue Simon Crubellier
Maria Miranda & Norie Neumark
15 February - 10 March 2007

Searching for rue Simon-Crubellier was a video/sound installation, part of a cross media project that included the Internet site The 4th Floor. The work takes as a point of departure the experience of being Australians in Paris and reading George Perec's book "Life a User's Manual". In this book Perec creates a puzzle of a novel set in a building located at number 11 rue Simon-Crubellier. Searching for rue Simon-Crubellier explored real and imagined relations to place. Addressing internet and video ‘documenting' as well as archiving processes, this work highlighted how the real and imaginary are being reconfigured by the proliferation of mobile media. Maria Miranda & Norie Neumark drew attention to the process of searching and the social encounters that searching instigates. It posed the question: is it possible to bring something that does not exist into existence by searching for it?