Everything Falls Apart, Part II
Vernon Ah Kee, Zanny Begg & Oliver Ressler, Jem Cohen, Tony Garifalakis, Merata Mita
10 August - 16 September 2012
Mark Feary and Blair French

Everything Falls Apart brings together several significant works by international and Australian artists presented over two exhibitions. Overall, the project focuses on works examining the collapse of ideological and political systems – actual, imagined, desired – be this via specific events or through broader consideration of the dissolution of, or confrontation with, capitalist, colonial, communist or totalitarian regimes. The works often draw on existing footage, personal recollection and reconstitution, and form around relationships between the individual and the mass felt or articulated through interwoven conversation, testimony and narrative.   

Part II homes in on the moments and territories of conflict – the abrasive meeting of institutionalised power and its counter-energies and structures.
With an emphasis upon video work, woven together by new installation interventions, common threads connecting these distinct works become apparent: failings of the state, crumbling ideologies, dissolving authoritative measures of control, the generative energies and collective impulses of anti-institutional collective cultural and social identity, the failings of history as both efficacious event narrative and discursive form, the individual as both the subject of and counterforce to the dominance of the mass.    

This exhibition accompanies Part I of Everything Falls Apart, presented at Artspace 27 June - 5 August 2012.

Film screenings: 
Patu! (1983) by Merata Mita 
16 August, 5.30pm
30 August, 6pm
13 September, 6pm 

Click here to download the Everything Falls Apart, Part II Education Resource.  

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Tony Garifalakis on Affirmations
15 August 2012