Artist Larrissa Hjorth is looking for participants in a collective mapping exercise for her upcoming commission as part of our 52 ACTIONS project. For many it has been walks and feetings (walking meetings) through their neighbourhoods that has kept them sane during the COVID-19 shutdown. Walking curates our everyday rhythm into what can be described as ‘sensemaking’, the process of assigning meaning to collective experiences. Larissa’s action invites audiences to tell a story of these collective experiences through feetings, sanity walks and wayfaring (the act of travelling on foot) to help us make sense of what, at times, appears to be a senseless world.

We invite you to share maps of your wayfaring, feetings and sanity walks in ways that are important to you. These maps could include drawings, doodles, photos or words that reflect your journey. Post them on Instagram and use the hashtags #52actions #feetings #pandemic #wayfaring and tag @52artists52actions.

Selected contributions will be shared through the @52artists52actions Instagram account throughout the week of Larissa’s actions, 27 July ­– 28 August


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Larissa Hjorth’s work coalesces ethnographic methods to reflect upon everyday phenomena, especially the social dimensions of digital media. Her work has explored play in the city, performative interventions of technological surveillance, understanding grief through media, and creative social media deployment for audience engagement. Much of her work is collaborative and cross-cultural in nature.

As director of the Design & Creative Practice (DCP) research platform at RMIT University, Hjorth facilitates interdisciplinary collaborations with industry partners (see She has led 20 national and international research projects in locations such as Japan, South Korea, China and Australia. Hjorth has also worked extensively with how mobile media is used for grief, loss and recovery including the Fukushima disaster of 2011. She has published over 100 publications — recent publications include Haunting Hands (with Cumiskey, Oxford Uni Press), Understanding Social Media (with Hinton, 2nd Edition, Sage), Creative Practice Ethnographies (with Harris, Jungnickel and Coombs, Rowman & Little) and Ambient Play (with Richardson, MIT Press).